General Adult Psychiatry & Eating Disorders

Based in London. Proudly serving UK and International Clients


What Are The Cost of Treatments?

Often involving face-to-face consultation for an extended period, private mental health services are usually fairly expensive. If you are insured, the cost may be covered depending on the level of arrangement of your Health Insurance Policy.

Do You Offer Consultation via Video link?

Yes. Although it is always preferred to see clients face to face, there are instances when telepsychiatry may be more convenient. Dr Siddique offers remote consultation via secured video link.

Can i request an Independent Psychiatric Opinion / Report?

Yes, Dr Siddique holds School of Law and Politics Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate
and offers expert reports for people suffering with severe and enduring mental illness including Eating Disorders as well as those detained under the Mental Health Act 1983

The list is not exhaustive.

Any further questions?

If you have any further enquiries, Dr Siddique will be happy to answer them for you.

Are The Sessions Confidential?

Dr Siddique is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner Office) and personal data is kept discreet in compliance with GDPR.

Do You Treat All Types of Psychiatric Disorders of Working Age Group?

Yes. Dr Siddique is on the GMC specialist register in General Psychiatry and has ample experience of working in inpatient and community groups, as well as working at a consultant level under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended).

Can I Contact You If I Am Suffering from an Eating Disorder?

Yes. Dr Siddique holds a Master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition: Eating Disorder from University College London. Offering his expert advice for people who have an unhealthy relationship with food, he specializes in providing Radically Open Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (RO-DBT) wherever applicable.

Do you offer Home Visits?

Yes. Please contact for further information.